Advertising Photography Analysis and Concept


There was a choice of subjects for this brief, namely

  1. Honda  – Car Advertising
  2. Nestle – Confectionery
  3. Urban Decay – Cosmetics
  4. Hardys Wine – Alcohol
  5. Bunny Pumpkin Boutique – Female Fashion

I chose the Bunny Pumpkin brief because its for a real client with the possibility of the images actually being used, albeit in competition with others, whereas the others are theoretical exercises. Accordingly as its a real brief I feel the processes involved, model and MUA booking, communication, production and finalisation of images is experience that is much more real world than the other choices.

The client produced a list of potential models that could be used from Purpleport – a web site specifically for connecting Photographers/Models/MUA’s and designers, this was on a TFP (time for prints) basis i.e. the model donates her time in exchange for samples of the finished images for their portfolio. Similarly for the make up artist and photographer.

From the brief and in discussion with the client the images were required to be “alluring but not gratuitous”, Pin up style so cheeky rather than overtly sexual and additionally the models selected were partially chosen for their tattoos which is something the client also wanted to feature.

Accordingly there was a number of conflicting things to consider in designing the shoot.

  1. Primary focus of the images is to display the shoe products, the Bunny Pumpkin Boutique strapline being “Custom hand made shoes for whatever your heart and feet desire …….”
  2. Pinup retro style, a concern being an overly eye catching model would detract from the product focus.
  3. Client wants to feature model tattoos, similar concern to 2 that this could detract from the product focus.

Based on all the above factors I choose to work with Nikki K as the model and design shots that would primarily focus attention on the products i.e. shoes. The design concept is further discussed in the blog post about the preparation and actual shoot itself.


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