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Proof images were shown to the client on 13th February as a requirement of the brief with a finalised proposal for an advert in the form of a design suitable for a roller banner in the size specified required by the 20th March.

Technical aspects of post processing of the images was very straight forward, this was very largely due to having ensured the lighting set up was correct at time of capture and thus minimal post processing required. This mainly consisting of adjusting levels, cropping and straightening or removing stray elements in the background e.g. where the size of the backdrop didn’t extend quite far enough to cover the entire image background.

The bulk of the effort was in laying out the design and ensuring all the required elements are present, this is not only the primary image(s) but also supporting information such as contact details, web address and corporate logo.

I looked at the competitors web sites mentioned in the brief – Irregular Choice and Ruby Shoo – along with the clients web site. Noticeably on the competitor websites there very few models used it is virtually all close up product photography of the products. Where a model is featured its generally a below the knee shot of the model wearing the shoes. As the client had specified a model be used this confirmed my view that it was correct to focus on the shoes in the images e.g. by including them in the background as in the bookcase shots or surrounding the model, or emphasising the shoes as a point of interest, e.g. model holding the shoes or on the cocktail tray.

The client provided some graphics for the corporate logo and strap line “Custom hand made shoes for whatever your heart and feet desire” in the appropriate font and colours, these were included in the final advert in order to provide consistency with the existing marketing of Bunny Pumpkin Boutique . The layout of the advert is specified in the brief as being 80×200 cm, this format tends to favour a single portrait style image  but due to the large area of image available on the banner I experimented with collages of various styles of images, see examples below, but finally decided on a single primary image.

The client requested heavily saturated images, personally I prefer more natural looking images but the client is King (Queen in this case :-)).

Final Advert Layout : (Scroll down for more)


Leaflet Design :

This is a design for an A5 leaflet for the design service, the image selected to reinforce the idea of “serving up” a unique solution.


I haven’t laid out the back of the leaflet but thought it could be a query / order form e.g. for clients considering either a special event or just wanting a particular themed shoe. So the information captured should be along the lines of:

  • personal and contact details of the enquirer (name, address, phone and email)
  • shoe size
  • event and date
  • theme required or suggested
  • any other information e.g. colour preferences

Business Card :

Image selected to suit format of a business card and style of client business.


business card front



business card back

Other Banner designs considered, these are mocked up concepts and not finalised designs :

BP_Advert_3 BP_Advert_4 BP_Advert_5




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