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This was definitely a labour of love to shoot images for and then design a birth announcement card for our newly arrived granddaughter. In fact this was a rerun of work first done 2 years ago with the arrival of our first granddaughter Poppy Evelyn. Details of the process and design decisions made can be seen in the original post : click here.

Daughter Stephanie and her husband Graham naturally wanted to mark the arrival of their 2nd child, also a daughter, with a similar item. They had decided to keep with a flower theme for naming the children and so Daisy Mabel was duly named on her birthday.

They very much liked the design of the first card and wanted something similar this time around, especially in light of the flower theme. Even when basing it on an existing design it required several iterations to finalise the design to the satisfaction of all concerned. Key elements were a photograph showing baby’s face – fortunately I had taken a good number the day she was born and there were a number of strong candidates – and a wish to include a flower motif, now daisies, in the final design.

An internet search managed to turn up an image of chamomile flowers ( which look like daisies but are actually a different genus ) in the correct format i.e. PNG with a transparent background.

The Photoshop process is then very straightforward.

  • Create new file in A6 format, 105 x 148 mm at 300 DPI and RGB colours.
  • Open selected photograph and make any required editing adjustments before cropping to a square format and resizing to 105 mm.
  • Copy and paste photo into the A6 document as a new layer.
  • Copy and paste the chamomile image into A6 document, using scale and move tools to achieve a pleasing position. This layer needs to above the background and photo layers to show correct transparency.
  • Added text layer for Name and another for Birth date and Weight. A script font – Freehand591 – was used for the name and a more formal one – BacktalkSANS – for the factual information. The two fonts could be in the same text but separating them gives more control over final positioning.
  • Originally the text was black on a white background, this was modified to white text on blue – selected from an existing colour in the photo.
  • On the background layer a freehand rectangle was drawn between photo and text and painted white.

A version of the final file was then saved as a jpg and sent to local printer MLL Print in Swindon to print 60 cards. I have used MLL previously and they produce excellent quality at a reasonable price – much better value than specialist producers of such cards who are typically  3 to 5 times as expensive.

Final Design, with Poppy original for comparison.


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