Books Purchases in Y3

My Book Selections this year were much more focused on my academic studies than last years somewhat mixed bag of titles.

Contextual Studies

The first project of the year was the Dissertation; 8,000 words on a topic from the lecture series. I chose to write about the reporting of the Vietnam War – I was 21 when it ended and I still recall the nightly coverage of the bombing more than 40 years later. I had already purchased Vietnam Inc and Don Mcullins autobiography, as his images of Vietnam are amongst the most iconic of the period, at the end of last year to begin research over the summer.

I subsequently purchased the following books – Discovering the world of the  2nd hand book market in the process, as many of these are now out of print. They are all either observations of the politics of the time or dense academic analysis of the conflict. Pleased to say the effort seems to have paid off as I have been awarded a first – at least provisionally – for my submission as of May 2017. A result not possible without the excellent direction and encouragement for the project from my subject tutor, Colin Pantall. So my sincere thanks to him.

Anderson, D. (2005). Glass warriors. London: Collins.

Arlen, M. (1969). Living-room war. 1st ed. New York: Viking Press.

Hallin, D. (1986). The “Uncensored War”. New York: Oxford University Press.

Hammond, W. (1998). Reporting Vietnam. 1st ed. Lawrence, Kan.: University Press of Kansas.

Hunt, M. (2010). A Vietnam War reader. 1st ed. London: Penguin Books

Knightley, P. (1976). The First Casualty. 1st ed. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.

Reporting Vietnam. (2000). New York: Library of America.

Wyatt, C. (1993). Paper Soldiers. New York: W.W. Norton.

Personal Practice

I used a number of library books in the research for the major photography work of the year but I also purchased some books.

The Shoe

I purchased this on launch day at the Cheltenham Literary Festival, I actually  purchased it for the inspirational photography as much for the potential relevance to my In Step Project. As it is full of the most beautiful photography from leading fashion photographers of their time including  Hoyningen-Huene, Irving Penn, Corinne Day, Norman Parkinson, Mario Testino and Nick Knight and the reproduction quality of the imagery is excellent.

I hadn’t finalised the subject when I bought this and it is definitely at the other end of the shoe spectrum to my discarded shoes.

Manolo Blahnik Drawings

Blahnik personally hand draws all the designs for his shows starting with sketches. This book is a collection of such sketches and they are works of art in their own right, in fact the original sketches are highly prized by art collectors and Blahnik often donates them for sale on behalf of his favoured charities.

New Shoes. A second edition of his sketches published in 2010. At this stage of the project I was considering a high fashion take on the shoe project hence collecting this material, despite the change in direction of the project I don’t regret buying them as they are fun things in themselves.

As part of the project research I wrote a blog post about Manolo Blahnik which can be read here.

Effectively a look book on the work on any number of renowned still life photographers. Was very useful in establishing some of the approaches to the Tempus Fugit project.








Purchased at the Tate Modern when visiting the Elton John collection exhibition, The Radical Eye I bought 3 out of a series of mini reference books on the works of some of the influential photographers featured in the exhibition namely Edward Steichen, Walker Evans and Berenice Abbot.



Other Books

The books in this section were either purchased simply because I liked them or they address a specific topic I want to learn more about.

A Pink Flamingo – Jack Latham. Purchased when the author visited Bath Spa as guest lecturer, it describes an American road trip undertaken by Jack along the Oregon Trail, you can read more about the book and Jack’s lecture by clicking here.

Purchased at the Adobe Photoshop World 2017 event in Orlando and signed by the author. It’s exactly what is suggests – a book about improving techniques for posing subjects, I attended a number of lectures by Lindsay, including one where she covered this topic,  and found her an engaging and informative speaker. Her advice on posing has already proved useful.

Genesis Sebastian Salgardo

Another book bought for the pleasure of its contents and signed by the author after hearing him speak at the Photography Show 2017. The highest possible production values have been applied to the making of this book.


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