Technique: Brainstorming

Method. Rather than interactive discussion which tends favour the more extrovert and outspoken members of a group, the initial idea is noted on paper and the paper circulated to all participants to comment, embellish or suggest variations to the original idea.

Exercise :  To suggest a new photo marketing campaign for Landrover Defender vehicles outside of their traditional agricultural market place.


Having taken part in brainstorming sessions during my working life I found the lack of discussion stilted the complete development of ideas as its often the interaction between two or more people that develops the germ of an idea into a feasible concept worthy of further exploration and development.

However this approach does definitely improve group participation partially because it is anonymous thus removing the fear from more introvert participants that they may be subject to either public ridicule or not get the opportunity to express their view. The fact that by its very nature it is a democratic procedure ensures everyone has the same opportunity to contribute.

As with any such exercise the conclusion is as good as the group member’s participation, and as such depends on the willingness of participants to share ideas, with the risk of feeling that a successful idea may not result in full credit to the author. Other factors affecting the quality of the outcome maybe the knowledge, experience of the group in respect of the subject. However there are many examples where “a fresh pair of eyes” will identify a solution that subject matter experts can’t see or have dismissed because their experience tells them it s not feasible. The reality of a given situation is that the parameters may have changed e.g. as a result of technology improvements removing former barriers.

My conclusion is that as an idea generating source it is an effective process although it would be interesting to develop it past the initial idea generation stage to the process of selecting ideas for further development as at that point interactive discussion is an essential element.



  • Encourages equal participation
  • Removes fear of public speaking from more introvert participants
  • Ensures all ideas are recorded


  • Lack of discussion may inhibit development of a good idea
  • Some people are more comfortable / able speaking rather than writing.
  • Relies on individuals to actively participate.


Original Idea; Shoot in a range of locations –  mountain, beach,city – with a range of potential users – young, mature, corporate, families – to demonstrate versatility.

Comments received:

– Military families etc, locations to represent the car

– Shoot in desert with sand flying the air as the car skids across the desert

– Military, in the middle of fighting. Missing all the bullets and danger.

– Farmer using the Landrover instead of a tractor i.e. with plough attached to the back.

– Farmer in middle of war having a cup of tea whilst battle happens around him.

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