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With hand in for the major work of the year, 2 projects for the Individual Practice module, completed thoughts are turning to the planning and presentation of the degree show which is also an assessed part of the curriculum.

Space is inevitably at a premium and I don’t envy curator Kellie’s job in managing everyone’s wishes. Both my projects, In Step a study of discarded shoes and Tempus Fugit (Time Flies) a series of still life’s about consumer consumption, are designed to be gallery pieces rather than the book format chosen by many.

In Step is a series of large format prints 75 x 106 cm and I have been allocated space enough to display 4 of the 7 submitted, I originally submitted 8 final prints but one is definitely out of place in the set so I am submitting 7 for marking. The final installation will require some work as I need to create a series of panels to mount them on a support structure to be installed in Studio 2 in conjunction with Marc Le Galle who is overseeing the installation of the photography element of the Degree Show. Marc is easy to work with and I am looking forward to seeing the finished installation.

I had a sort of sneak preview by hanging the final prints in the marking area ready for Tuesday 30th and its amazing the difference seeing the large prints, collectively on the wall makes. I have been looking at these images for weeks, refining and re-shooting them and thought I knew all there was to know about them. However seeing them in context on the wall changed my view of this and hence the decision to discard one of the prints. On reflection this could have been done earlier but its a hard, but necessary, discipline to let go of images you like. As a single image the one discarded was a favourite *sigh* but it definitely needs to live in different company than the other 7 images I chose.

Here are some camera phone images of the marking area, the final installation prints will have separate wooden frames around them, a framing technique seen at the Format Festival and described here. I have made 2 already and need to make and paint another 2 ready for June 9th. I am taking a couple of days out this coming week to celebrate a milestone birthday of my wife’s but have a full week to finalise everything from Friday 2nd June with the Private View on 9th June.







Tempus Fugit (Time Flies) is a series of 6 A2 (60x40cm) prints for which 2 adjacent panels in the main room have been allocated. This is more straightforward to manage as they will not be moving once marked. The prints are being mounted simply  by pinning them to the back board. What did require a little thought was how to lay the prints out in the space available, particularly as there are 4 landscape and 2 portrait prints. The panels are not 100% fixed in place yet so any thoughts of using them as a contiguous wall space is a non-starter as can’t be done in the time I have available to put them up for marking.

I decided the easiest way to design the layout would be to create a to scale mock-up in Photoshop in order to provide a template for the installation. I can then measure where to position the images easily in the layout and transfer these measurements to the panels to ensure the display is accurately positioned at installation.

Scaled layout of final images on adjacent wall panels.

The best solution proved to be to layout the LH and RH panels separately with 3 images on each. I felt each panel had to work as an individual display as well as the 2 panels viewed together  The sequence of images works well like this and the eye line is acceptable. I placed the the first portrait print at the optimal eye line –  eye level at 2 thirds the height of the print of someone around 5’10” tall. I then placed the 2 landscape images equidistant above and below the centre line of this print. In my opinion having to place the images above and below each other is never ideal for viewing, but positioned like this means all the prints are acceptably placed – neither too high or too low on the wall.

The project is designed to have small snippets of pertinent text referring to the subject of each print displayed with them, for marking purposes these will be simple paper print outs. For the degree show foam board mounted display of the text will be made but that’s all that remains to be done for the display of project 1.


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