Failed Scrap Yard Shoot

Scrap yard scene.


Together with some fellow photographers planned a location shoot with media make up artists and models  for the metamorphosis shoot in a junk yard during the Easter half term. The concept being to show high fashion models in amongst the derelict cars and general debris. The shoot was intended to provide images for the Studio Portrait and /or Colour Projects.

The idea was briefly discussed with media make up colleagues and 3 MUA’s agreed to take part. Permission was obtained from a scrap yard near Wantage to use the location for shooting and a date set.

In preparation for the shoot I also obtained some radio triggers and adapter to be able to mount a speedlite on a tripod and use a small soft box.

There was regular email and text communication with everybody to advise them of the arrangements in place for the logistics of the shoot but on reflection there was an assumption on my part that the media make up people were taking charge of the models in terms of concept, outfits, make up required. This proved a fatal mistake and unfortunately the day before the planned shoot the media make up people pulled out, basically saying they didn’t feel sufficiently briefed to complete the project, attempts to find alternative model at short notice were also unsuccessful.

Whilst frustrating and disappointing it is important to understand why the shoot didn’t materialise for future reference and I believe the issues can be summarised as :-

Issue: – Lack of complete understanding by all participants of roles and responsibilities and thus effort required on their part.

Resolution: – A more formal, documented brief be prepared and accepted by all participants.

Issue: – Lack of personal commitment.

Resolution:- Related to first issue, important everyone understands effort required and thus what they are committing to.

There is still enthusiasm to undertake the shoot and I will arrange to meet the media make up people again to discuss the project further and try and implement the resolutions indicated above.

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