Tessa Traeger

A selection of Tessa Traeger images featuring the hands of artisans. Blog post here.


Her work has inspired many other photographers  including Bristol based, Photographer Jason Ingram who was placed 3rd in the prestigious 2011 Garden Photographer of the year with his Traeger inspired portfolio entitled “The hands that pick the food that I eat”
In Ingram’s own words :

“I was very inspired by a collection of work by the great photographer Tessa Traeger, who worked closely with French peasants and the food they produced. I wanted to evoke a similar feeling by working purely with the hands, showing the freshly picked produce as an extension to the people that had grown it. This portfolio was shot after shooting something similar commercially for a chain of garden centres. I really wanted to do justice to the subject and decided to shoot it as a personal project. I wanted everything to look as real and as ‘rough around the edges’ as possible.”

Sample Portfolio Images – more information on Jason Ingram at http://www.jasoningramprints.co.uk

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Blog post here.