About Me




This is me with my wife, Karen, at the Perito Moreno Glacier located in the Los Glacieres National Park, Argentina. We met as teenagers around 1973, 40+ years later we are still together having shared many, mostly, highs and a few lows, we  are  not quite sure why we are still together when so many others are not. Some things we do know, its not down to luck and we still make each other laugh.

I like this photograph because it shows me doing a few of my favourite things, spending time with Karen, travelling to new places, using the camera, enjoying a drink (with glacial ice on this occasion!),demonstrating support for the 2nd love of my life with LFC regalia. Karen and I  have raised three children together, although as the youngest is married, made us grandparents and is rapidly approaching 30 “children” doesn’t seem an appropriate description any longer. Anyway as empty nesters we are enjoying the personal and financial freedom that brings and we look forward to the next phase of our lives.

Having spent a 30 odd year career in IT Management for a variety of companies including Tektronix, Intergraph, Dyson Appliances and from 2001 to 2013 Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust Karen and I took a fantastic 7 month trip around South America commencing in November 2012. You can see and read about the trip at : www.lifeintheolddog.co.uk. When we returned in June 2013 I decided full time employment was no longer for me and I retired in July 2013.

I do a little consultancy of my choosing but mainly pursue my interests in photography.