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This is a photograph of Marilyn Monroe taken during the filming of “The Seven Year Itch” a comedy filmed released in 1955 directed by Billy Wilder and starring Monroe. The film was based on a salacious play on adultery by George Axelrod, due to the prevailing Hollywood production codes of the day adultery wasn’t permitted to be depicted and the Monroe character was depicted as more of a fantasy, this Pin Up style image of Monroe struggling to preserve her modesty is the most enduring aspect of the film – many people would recognise the photo, far fewer few would know where it came from.

Our digital imaging task was to re-create an iconic photographic and I had considered this photograph as a candidate but the lead time requiring to find a suitable model, make up artist and set meant it was probably a non starter. Serendipitously whilst attending the Photography Show at the NEC in March 2015 one of the exhibitors – Hasselblad – had recreated the scene with a live model as the centre piece of their stand and was allowing visitors to shoot the scene, the only limitation was that it had to be done with their camera a HasselbladH4D-40 Medium Format DSLR Camera with 80mm f/2.8 HC Lens. A double bonus, I got to try a high end medium format camera and get my iconic photo! Some days you get lucky 🙂

For a small donation to the cancer research charity you could have a print of your shot and I chose 2 high resolution A4 black and white prints from the 10 or so that I shot.  I then scanned the prints when I got home and with minor adjustments to contrast created the digital versions.

Marilyn_01 Marilyn_02





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