Individual Practice: Review of Shoe Shoots 7-9

Shot on 27th of April 2017, proof images from the shoot can be seen here.

Having discarded the idea of plain black or white backgrounds for the images. I introduced a couple of variations in this shoot, mid grey background, naturally lit in front of a large window – actually french windows so pretty much a floor to ceiling light source.

I really like the aesthetic this gives to the resulting images as the background is neutral but allows for some soft shadows which I find attractive but mainly that the shoe in question attracts all the attention of the viewer. This is the style I subsequently decided to use for all subsequent images. Using compositions from some of the earlier shoots, certain images where re-shot to replicate the background and lighting styles were consistent to ensure a coherent set of images.

Shoot 8

Shot on 29th of April 2017, proof images from the shoot can be seen here.

This was a final shoot with flash, now on grey background. The use of a gridded soft box gave a certain crispness to the images but I think the softer natural light is more suited to this project and hence this just helped finalised my decision to shoot the final images in natural light.

Shoot 9

Shot on 5th of May 2017, proof images from the shoot can be seen here

I had earlier shot some skates that Kelly had kindly provided but had rejected the images because the skates were too new and clearly did not fall into the category of discarded. Kelly kindly arranged the loan of some vintage skates and I re-shot these as were much more interesting than the original skates for the purposes of my project. This  shoot also includes some re-shoots of previously selected images either to improve the quality or finalise the composition or lighting of some images.

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