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Image on left is the original, as taken shot, the right is the processed image is showing the effects of the Photoshop manipulations to improve, skin toning, remove blemishes and lighten teeth and eyes. The goal was to achieve a look that could have been achieved by a make up artist and not to process the image to the point where it looks entirely artificial or too plastic, hence the description “Digital Make up”. For example some trace of texture in the skin is left such as the laughter lines under the eyes.

The tools and steps followed where :

  1. Remove skin blemishes using the spot healing tool.
  2. Soften skin by applying a surface blur filter, reduce to opacity of this layer to a natural looking level (probably around 50%).
  3. Create a layer mask by using the icon at the bottom of the layers panel
  4. With a medium, soft edged brush paint the skin areas you wish to apply the effect to white,  avoiding details such as eyes, lips were sharpness is required.
  5. For the eyes and teeth whitening
  6. Create an adjustment layer, select blend mode to screen (which is much brighter) but affects the whole image.
  7. Invert the layer mask to make it black and as before carefully paint in the white areas required. Black can be repainted in to correct any areas – depending on the image its sometime easier to pain areas back in if they are small or difficult to access.
  8. If different levels of lightening are required do each of the areas as separate adjustment layers.
  9. When all adjustments have been made flatten layers to see the cumulative effect.

Creating a montage of several images.

For the Phobia brief in Digital Darkroom Practice module, I created a montage consisting of an image of a model made up as a vampire and a halloween mask image.

Halloween Mask as shot.










The skull area was cut out, and placed in a new document, below, the void areas cut out, image straightened and placed in the document.










The model image, similarly masked.










Final image, model pasted in and scaled,detail editing of model, E.G. smoothing make up blemishes, filters applied to mask layer and opacity reduced and then position adjusted to complement position of model.











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