March 23rd update. Triptych – a set of three images presented together. Typically its used as a means to present separate images as collection related by something they have in common, this could be for example colour, content, post processing treatment or time.

Images taken at the same focal length tend to appear more balanced when put together, however this rule isn’t set in stone. Another way you could create a Triptych is to use several parts of the same scene in three separate images, capturing a wider-view in the first then focusing on detail in the two that follow. Taking shots of the same scene at different times of the day or even the year can work effectively. For example, capturing an images of a tree during summer, autumn and winter to show the contrast in colour / weather.

We did an exercise as part of a lecture to create a sample tryptych but then the ideal opportunity occurred when, as a mothers day gift for her mother Stephanie asked me to create a triptych using old and new images.

The old image was of a Stephanie as a newborn in hospital with her mother, a similar image of Stephanie with Poppy and a portrait of the 3 of them as a group taken on mothers day 2015. I found and purchased a suitable frame for 3 x 7×5 inch photgrpahs, scanned the old image and re-sized it to suit. Some clean up was necessary from the scanning process to remove dust and other flaws. The new images were taken in Raw, desaturated adjusted for brightness / contrast and re-sized for printing which was done at home on a Canon inkjet in B&W. The three images were then mounted in the frame. (Click image to enlarge).



One of the most pleasurable tasks to photograph the much awaited arrival of our first grandchild  Poppy Evelyn Blackburn to our daughter Stephanie and husband Graham on 5th Feb 2015.

I was fortunate to be able to capture the first images of Poppy when she was 15 mins old, similar to those I took 30 years ago at her mothers birth. These were taken using available light, high ISO and wide aperture in the hospital recovery area as I dont like direct flash as its somewhat harsh and using flash also seemed inappropriate for the environment we were in with other patients either recovering or in early stages of labour.

Steph and Poppy with new uncles James and Michael.


Once home I wanted to capture some more portraits and acquired a baby posing beanbag and did some research into photographing newborns as I a) want to create some memorable family images and b) this is a future area of family portraiture that I would potentially like to work in.

As my daughter and her husband wisely wish to limit the no of  images that are posted on public social media I have added a password protected gallery that can be shared with family and friends rather than freely accesible on the internet. Gallery can be found at http://55red.co.uk/client-area/poppy/ with password of her middle name, incidentally the name of Stephanie’s late Grandmother, “Evelyn”

Poppy_15._MG_6300Poppy_22._MG_6319 Poppy_27._MG_6496 Poppy_41._MG_6527 Poppy_43._MG_6538

Photography considerations. The portraits were taken using a speedlight on a lighting stand with a softbox to provide even lighting and triggered with wireless radio trigger. Manual settings were used based on a flash meter reading. The posing bean bag proved extremely effective in being able to position the baby and am sure it will prove a worthwhile investment for my portraiture business.

So far the “client” is delighted with the results and the gallery will be regularly updated to chart Poppy’s progress.

Lastly the extremely happy new Grandparents.





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