Prospectus Shoot

Invited, along with Megan, Danni and Keith from YR2 to shoot images around the college for the marketing department who are preparing a new prospectus for students. Images will be used both on-line and in a printed version.

Goal was to try and get some interesting images for the prospectus although this is a challenge as photographing classrooms in an interesting way is a tough cookie.  We got to visit some classrooms while lectures were taking place and I met an old Intergraph Colleague from the 80’s who is now a lecturer in Civil Engineering.

Liam, random student, in the HE Room with keyboard reflected in glasses. Rest of the images are in the Swindon College Gallery.







The main technical challenge here were that flash was not appropriate for use in the live classroom setting. This meant using either long exposure’s or raising the ISO setting considerably to be able to shoot hand held. As the final images are for publication and printing I opted to use a tripod for long exposures to minimise noise in the final images i.e. highest quality.

Another consideration was that some images were required which deliberately blurred non static elements of images. This was generally students moving about the classrooms – the intention being to make individuals anonymous and suggest to eventual readers of the prospectus that people depicted could be “anyone” i.e. they could picture themselves undertaking that activity.

Example of Deliberate Blur.(Click on image to enlarge).



Lighting conditions varied at the various locations, difficult mixed fluorescent / daylight in the print and textile rooms. I opted to set the white balance to daylight and then tweak the colour temperature in post processing for a pleasing result.

Choice of lenses. For the majority of the shoot a 24-70 lens was used (on a full frame camera) as this had both a relatively wide aperture of f2.8 to cope with the relatively low light situations and a the range of focal length was useful as some of the shooting areas were restricted. For the high level shots of the library a 14mm lens was used, this gave the maximum angle of view of the area and resulted in some interesting shots that included the ceiling and floor.

Example of Wide Angle Shot of LRC.

Wide Angle View of LRC


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