Review of Tempus Fugit Shoot 1

Not all the images shot for the project have been uploaded to this blog as many, ultimately were not relevant to the final project e.g shoots featuring office stationery, found objects and leaves. However all shoots are contained in the hard copy copy contact sheet display books submitted separately.

This is not to say I regard the time spent on these earlier shoots as wasted, I learned much about lighting, displaying of objects and refining the technical quality of images, as a result I was able to apply these techniques to the images in the style I did want to present for the project.

In addition to the contact sized images on plain paper I made a number of A4/A3 sized prints during the project to get a better idea of the quality of the images as well as to help determine which paper and print to use for the final images.

Shoot 1

I had 2 main objectives for this shoot, firstly to experiment with the digital medium camera and secondly to determine the lighting set up to be used for the final images.

I found using the medium format camera to be tedious in use, shooting in tethered mode it has a tendency to time out and lose connectivity meaning either  a lengthy restart or often captures were not saved to the host machine.

The lighting set up in the end was an angled reflector on the background to give the impression of light coming in from above left, the main light was a large soft box from the right as the image is viewed  as I wanted soft, diffused light to avoid harsh shadows. The lighting aspect was the most successful element of the shoot.

In terms of the images themselves whilst the higher resolution is of course beneficial compared to the 35mm format it wasn’t the quantum leap I expected compared to my own full frame 35mm Canon 5D mk III. The difference would be much more obvious compared to a crop sensor camera. Secondly in terms achieving Vanitas style images, I didn’t feel his was at all successful on this shoot and none of the images would be used in the final selection. The is because they are simply too empty compared to the rich detail usually found in such images.

So a number of lessons learnt but no final images obtained.

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