Review of Tempus Fugit Shoot 2

All the images from the shoot can be seen here – there are 2 galleries, 1 of medium format images and 1 of 35 mm images for reasons which will become clear shortly.

I used the same lighting set up as in shoot 1 as I was pleased with the results obtained. Again using the medium format camera, at least initially.

Although after a while I had to revert to my 35mm camera as the medium format camera would no longer function. It was an evening shoot so couldn’t see technician until next day and the fault was diagnosed as flat batteries although this wasn’t obvious as lights were on it just wouldn’t fire.

To address the problem of the shots appearing too empty to be Vanitas images I added more props to the arrangement and shot closer or more zoomed in. I felt this was much more successful and 2 of the images, 1 featuring the typewriter and 1 featuring the computer will be in the final selection.

The heavily over exposed images are to get a decent image on the mobile phone screen which was too dark when photographed in the same light as the rest of the image but subsequent post processing to mask the rest of the image too just display the phone screen I felt was unsatisfactory.

Final images for the project can be seen here.

Further I did like the general composition of some images but felt they would need re-shooting to obtain the quality of images I wanted.

The other decision I made was to discontinue with the medium format camera as I didn’t feel the somewhat marginal quality improvement was worth the additional effort involved in using what I think is a very cumbersome set up. I much prefer the convenience and familiarity of my trusty 5D mk III.


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