Review of Tempus Fugit Shoot 3

All images from the shoot can be seen here.

This was the most successful of the shoots undertaken, I think for a variety of reasons.

  1. I had a much clearer picture of what I wanted to achieve from the images.
  2. I had collected a better variety of props to include.
  3. Shooting at home was much flexible in terms of looting the house of objects to include – I had on a couple of occasions forgotten items to use in the studio and with a 2 hour round trip home not practical to return from Bath to collect.

These images were shot over 2 days at home with a similar lighting setup to the studio, using my newly acquired boom arm which has proved a boon, however no main light was required as there was sufficient natural light to illuminate the scene and I used a “dragging the shutter” technique to expose the main scene after the flash had been fired.

For the mobile phone shot I was able to get both the phone screen and the rest of the subject evenly lit by using neutral density filters over the flash and metering to balance the light a cross both elements of the scene.

There was a further bonus when shooting the sewing machine the next morning in that there was a completely natural and unexpected reflection on the wall so I decided to discard the flash on the background and just use the natural light instead.

A number of these images will feature in the final submission.

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