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Introduction to Ideas Generation

Alex Osborn, author of “Applied Imagination” the authoritative text used as the basis of Brainstorming,  noted that two distinct kinds of thinking are essential to being creative:

  • Divergent Thinking: Generating lots of options
  • Convergent Thinking: Judging options, making decisions

Everyone does both types of thinking on a daily basis, often unconsciously.  For generating new ideas it is essential to concentrate on the “Divergent Thinking” element of the process rather than rushing to the “Convergent Thinking” stage which whilst essential to selecting and implementing a new concept can inhibit the creative stage by being too judgemental early in the process and thus discarding valid ideas before they are fully formed.

It is consciously focussing on the “Divergent Thinking” element that requires practice and discipline to improve your ability to generate creative ideas.

Characteristics of Divergent Thinking


Divergent Thinking Guidelines


Characteristics of Convergent Thinking


Convergent Thinking Guidelines

(Graphics from  http://www.creativeeducationfoundation.org/our-process/brainstorming 2014 )

Each of the idea generating topics covered clearly focuses on “Divergent Thinking”, to view click on topic :  Brainstorming,  Visioning,  DoodlingMind Mapping and S.C.A.M.P.E.R.,

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