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This page is an index of the techniques explored for this project with a summary of the content. The sections represent  a combination of subjects undertaken specifically for this brief such as Infra Red and Pinhole Photography and some referencing of previous relevant work e.g. Lighting types as described in the “Photo Phobia” brief.

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Previous Relevant Work.

Photo Phobia

In the workbook for the Photo Phobia project there is an extensive description of various types of studio lighting including Tungsten, Fluorescent and Flash along with descriptions of the use and examples of the type of image possible.

Also in the workbook and accompanying Power point presentation there is a description of several masking techniques used to create the combined images summarized in the Photoshop manipulation blog post.

Darkroom Practice.

The darkroom practice project submitted in December contains examples of film and print techniques including  shadowgrams, test exposures, images from non-negative material, description film processing, negative storage and archival. Creating film output including use of test strips, adjusting contrast in prints, toning techniques such as blue and sepia, darkroom manipulation techniques such as dodging, burning and masking. With examples and evaluation of three acknowledged masters of Black and White film, namely Bill Brandt, Jerry Uelsmann and Ansel Adams.

Index of New Blog posts for this brief.

Digital Pinhole Camera – Describes making a Pinhole attachment for a digital camera and examples of the results achieved.

Infra Red Photography – Images and evaluation of using Canon 40D modified with 650NM Infra-red filter, Infra Red Gallery.

Shooting on Location – Evaluation of issues to be considered when shooting on location.

Shooting in the Studio – Discussion of issues related to studio shooting.

Location Shoot  “Use of Colour” – primarily for a related project but discusses some technical issues and solutions for shooting on location.

Using Different Lenses – Consideration on lens selection with examples of different uses / effects.

Metering ModesExplanation of shooting and metering modes with examples.

Studio Shoot  “Media Make-Up Hair Collections” –  Discusses issues around logistics and modelling for large number of participants.

Location Shoot “College Prospectus” – Description and evaluation with sample images and linked gallery of indoor location shoot for the college.

 B&W Conversion – Description of B&W conversion options in Photoshop, filters and some classic B&W landscape techniques.

Studio Shoot – “Studio Portrait” – Wedding Aniversary shoot discussing issues of studio organization and shoot planning.

Location Shoot – “Failed Scrap Yard Shoot” – Issues arising out of failed shoot and plans to correct.

Photoshop manipulation – Examples of Photoshop manipulation including portraits and making a montage using masking.

Printing Digital Images – Preparing images for final output.

Camera Formats – Discussion of history and use of different camera formats.

Image galleries are linked to the relevant post / subject but can also be accessed directly from the main drop down menus at the top of each page.

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