BK – Location

Brief is below, please note it is an image not text.

The project was specified as being required in sketchbook form, this blog version is for completeness of my HND work. The project will be assessed on the sketchbook version.

The output relevant to this project is linked below, pages will open in new tabs.

1) Project Submission and project proposals.

2) Client Project Brief

3) Noted Location Photographer – Steve McCurry

4) Considerations and research approach whilst shooting on location.

5) Location Blog’s. Blog’s of a number of location shoots undertaken with a description of lighting situations encountered and solutions applied. These can be seen from the blog page and selecting “location” from the drop down category menu on the right.

6) Research into reform of British Postal System and history of Post Boxes.

7) Proof Images. Gallery of all images taken for the project.

8) Final Images. Images selected for final collage.

The final images were additionally presented as a framed series of 9 images displaying each of the Royal Ciphers and the Liverpool Special.