JB – Advertising Photography

The project brief is below, please note it is a scanned image and not text. The links to specific outputs, research or image galleries will open in new windows.

Output for task 1

Click here for  analysis of brief and selection of shoot.

Output for task 2

Click here for  blog post on research of Pin Up Art including brief biographies of some of the most famous and influential Pin Up artists.

Advertising Photography research including sample images and brief biographies noted advertising photographers Jonathan Knowles, Dennis Pedersen and Tim Adder.

Discussion on Legal and Ethical issues including copyright, model release including scan of form used and UK advertising standards.

Output for task 3

Click here for sample research images for poses for the shoot.

Click here for the Advertising Photography Post which describes the preparation for and the actual shoot.

Contact Sheets from the shoot can be viewed here.

Final Advert proposal and some alternative design along with suggested design for an A5 leaflet and business card.

Output for task 4

The Project Evaluation can be viewed here.

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