Advertising Photography Contact Sheets

These are the contact sheets of all the images shot for the Advertising Photography brief. They were generated in Photoshop, once any technically poor shots had been deleted following a first pass review of the images made using the slide show facility in Adobe Bridge. This combined with the ability to assign ratings in the form of stars (using keypad numbers 0-5) and / or colours (numbers 6-9) to images in Bridge made it simple to review and rate large numbers of images rapidly. I was then able to select and manage images of the same rating as a group e.g. delete or file.

The primary brief was for a full length portrait shot to suit the specific requirements for producing a roller banner that would be 80cm wide x 200 cm high. Accordingly the majority of shots taken are portrait format but a variety of other shots were also captured as thought the client might want them for other purposes and I was also considering offering a choice of a collage of images rather than a single image for the final advert design.

Larger versions of individual proof images can be seen here using password “Nikki”