Show Planning and Execution

Please follow the links for the output from the various tasks.

 Task 1 – Write a Plan.

The written plan is in 3 parts.

1. Venue planning including budget, liaison and space issues.

2. Preparation of work describing design and planning process for displays.

3. Effective Exhibition Planning covering evaluation of the work displayed and analysis of the audience.

Task 2 – Put the plan in action.

1. Preparing the exhibition environment hanging the work and space preparation.

2. Marketing Collateral overview of additional materials / activity and final budget / costs.

Project Evaluation


The build up to the show was quite stressful as there was considerable concern amongst the student group about the ongoing delay in finalising a venue with staff being more in the “it will be all right on the night” camp. As ever in such situations the ideal is probably somewhere between the two extremes of view.

Whilst having every respect and sympathy for the workload of staff in organising the event I do feel that communication was a little disjointed on occasion with different messages coming from various staff, I also felt it wasn’t clear exactly what elements of the show the college would be dealing with e.g. printed invite, who had been invited and so forth.

To avoid this for future I would suggest a show briefing document be prepared setting out these issues and rules about the stand space.

That said the priority for all participants is to make it as successful as possible and I took the primary purpose of the show to be an opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities as a photographer and advertise this to the world.

I do think there is some tension between wishing to put on a show for visitors and demonstrating the photography. On reflection I think I have probably erred too much on the side of a “show” with possibly a few too many distractions such as the vintage cameras and prominent name lettering.

Looking around what others have done I think the display of Kay Hawke is probably something more to aim at – I think its beautifully and elegantly simple and focuses entirely on the photography rather than the display elements.

For myself I think the “Home Grown Board”, viewed in isolation, comes closest to this with just the images and captions on a plain background. Personally I think the rustic appearance of the captions works as they complement the theme and the images. The protruding nail  appearing to support the theme title (its actually fixed with velcro) is a continuation of the this idea.

Overall I am satisfied that it is an appealing display but feel it could be improved by simplifying it by removing unnecessary elements and having the confidence to let the photography do the talking.

Steve Edwards – June 2015