Evidence Road Map

The links on this page will direct you to specific examples to illustrate the measure being evaluated.

Criteria Reference

1. Be able to create digital images for specific purposes.

Most briefs require generation of images against a specific theme / task.

 Windows on the world



Visual Language in Photography


Task 2 Output

1.2 Identify sources for digital images

1.3 Create digital images from sources for specific purposes

For the output of task 2 in Visual Language in photography the 2nd image was created from a composite of internet images and a suggestion was made as to how stock library could be used.

Task 2 Output

2 Be able to process digital images.

2.1 Identify file formats and fundamentals required to process image data.

Blog post on file management and storage.

Examples of digital tasks

Water Splash

Smoke Trails


2.2 Apply digital data management techniques to store imagery

Blog post on file management and storage.

3. Be able to manipulate digital images to meet requirements.

3.1 Use software tools to manipulate images

Examples of manipulation

The Woodturner

The Onion Grower

Photoshop Techniques

3.2 Prepare Image files for output

4 Understand the use of digital images

4.1 Evaluate own use of digital images in meeting requirements.

All projects have an element of evaluation in them and in particular I would suggest Final Advert Blog for Advertising Photography which has some design considerations including the selection of images for particular tasks such as the advert and leaflet design.

4.2 Evaluate others’ use of digital images in meeting specified purposes.