RV – Windows on the World

The brief is below, please note it is an image not text.

Associated research notes and task outputs in the form of blog posts will be linked from here.

Output for Task 1

  • Research into photographers famed for use of text with images : Walker Evans, Jim Goldberg and Jeff Wolfin
  • The editorial work of Tessa Traeger a brief biography with link to sample images. In addition to on-line research I have acquired 3 cook books “A Visual Feast”, “Vogue Summer” and “Vogue Winter” written by Arabella Boxer with photographic illustrations by Tessa Traeger.
  • A discussion on Legal, Copyright and Ethical Issues affecting photography

Output for Task 2

  • As a self developed project I wrote my own brief for this project which can be found here. Post includes brief discussion on factors to consider in designing editorial briefs.

Output for Task 3

Links to the individual images (also available from final image set blog) includes a brief bio of the model, description of the activity depicted and description of the post processing of the image;

1 – The Onion Grower

2 – The Woodturner

3 – The Shoe Maker

4 – The Knitter

5 – The Baker

6 – The Gardener

7 – The Expectant Mother

8 – The Tree Surgeon

The final images along with the descriptive text are also submitted as hard copy.

Output for Task 4

Project Evaluation