Self Portrait

Self Portrait



March 2015 Update; After final review of all the images I decided this image was weak and I replaced it with the Tree Surgeon. Although the relatively late change caused some logistical issues in order to complete the set I feel its omission is to the benefit of the overall quality of the project.

The Self Portrait

Model  Bio:  This is a photograph of myself, taken with a self timer and tripod. A self portrait being another form of home grown art and is also a humorous reference to the sequence of images with the hands covering the face, the face being the most common subject of a portrait shot.

Location : My garden, Cricklade, November 26th 2014.

Equipment and settings : Canon 5D Mk III, EF 24-70 L , ISO 200 at F3.2 and 1/60th of a second, 10 second self timer.

Photography and Post Processing : Taken in natural light on a particularly gloomy November day, hence the relatively wide open aperture but this also helps throw the background out of focus which has been a common and deliberate technique in this series of images.

The camera was focused on an object the same distance from where I would be standing and then switched to manual focus to lock the focus distance, then repositioned to have the clock in the background. Then the self timer was set to 10 seconds and I took up position in front of the camera.

Post processing was to crop the image to a square format, adjusting contrast as the light was particularly flat and adding a high pass filter layer but only to the hands and head.

Evaluation. I feel the square format works well with the diagonal formed by the two “circular” objects – the head and clock face – this was a deliberate composition. Technically I feel the image is well exposed and I like the humour of the parody of the concept of a self portrait as being “Home Grown”. Whilst I think the image works as a single image I am not entirely convinced it adds to the collective set as much as I would like artistically.

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