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Business Cards

A key marketing tool is a business card to give to prospective clients and customers with your contact details. In my previous working life I had many business cards but my favourites were from when I worked at Dyson Appliances, they took the format of a small booklet (standard business card size) with a vellum / tracing paper inner page with the personal contact details. The major advantage of this format is there space for 4 images instead of 1 on a normal card if you assume 1 side is for the details and 1 for an image. Additionally if your business card is different it makes it memorable – people always commented favourably on my Dyson cards and that only featured images of vacuum cleaners 🙂

I mocked up what I wanted, continuing the theme of MMU images, by printing the images card size and taping a prototype together so I could show to a printer exactly what I wanted. The printer pointed out that assembly of the vellum inner into the card would be time consuming and thus expensive so I agreed that I would do the assembly and so the printer provided booklet blanks and the printed vellum inners as separate items. I bought a couple of 6 mm wide double sided tape dispensers – a bargain £1 at Hobbycraft – and this worked perfectly to assemble the cards. The cost of the business cards including printing and tapes works out to 11p each (£22 for 200 cards)which compares favourably with commercial providers.

 Flyers and Tickets

I decided I wanted to have a flyer to distribute for the show and effectively a “ticket” for the private viewing. Due to the relatively late confirmation of the venue these couldn’t be produced until a couple of weeks prior to the event. In order to allow time for printing and delivery one of the lecturers, Jen, suggested instant print was good for such jobs. The cost of a 100 of each including delivery was going to be £40, however due to the vagaries of their pricing policy and a special offer currently on the site the cost of a 1,000 of each was only £60.  Whilst a 1,000 tickets was far more than required it was cheaper than ordering 250. I decided to order the 1,000 in the hope that others in the group would want some for their own purposes. Around half the group took flyers and tickets at the price of £4 for 50 or £6 for 100 which reduced the net cost to me to under £30 so was a win win.

The design is based on work done for the Business Practice brief in year 1.

Although the Wednesday evening was initially to be a private event it has evolved to be an open event.

Ticket : (click to enlarge)


Show_01Reverse of Flyer


Physical examples of the tickets, flyers and business cards can be obtained at the show venue.

Visitors Book

I plan to use a simple visitors book to capture visitors contact details for potential follow up, it would also be nice to capture any quotes which could be used for publicity for a future event.

Prize Draw

Alternatively I am think of holding a prize draw for a “Free Studio Portrait Session”, visitors simply have to provide a name and email address for a random draw at the end of the show. This is designed to capture the contact details of people who are interested in having high quality portraits and are therefore potential clients.

Marketing Activity

In order to publicise the show I have posted digital images of:

  • the flyers I designed
  • the official college invitation
  • shared a post from “Thisisoldtown”

on the popular social media site facebook. All these postings have be re-shared multiple times by others which ensures as wide a distribution as possible.

In addition I have placed flyers at :-

  •  The college shop selling MMU catwalk tickets with a request to give one out with each ticket sale.
  • At an interior design shop in Cricklade
  • Around 500 flyers have alos been distributed by group members.

I have sent details of the event to “Total Swindon” and “Visit Wiltshire” web sites as these are sources where people look for Art and Culture events to visit.

Lastly I have contacted the camera clubs in Swindon, Highworth and Cirencester with requests to email their members who would be interested in photography.

Photography CV

This is a screen shot of the word document in order to show the watermark that has been used as a background. Printed version will be handed in with the other physical examples of marketing collateral. (Click to enlarge thumbnail).


Final Budget / Spend

Home Grown Board       

Prints (after discount)    £119.40

Slate Captions                    £9.50

Self Adhesive Letters        £9.95

Paint Pen                             £2.95

Screws                                  £0.50

Sub Total                                                   £141.80


MMU Board                       

Prints                                     £12.00

Hessian                                 £2.00

Captions                               £1.00

Wallpaper paste                  £3.00

Brass Nails                            £0.25

Sub Total                                                   £18.25



Essay (printing)                  £5.40

Display Book                       £3.50

Printing                                £33.00

Photo Paper                        £10.00

Sub Total                                                   £51.90


Marketing Materials      

Business Cards                   £20.00

Flyers (Nett cost)               £28.00

Sub Total                                                   £48.00


Exhibition Space              

Name Lettering                 £24.00

Business Card Holders    £9.35

Tablecloth                           £10.00

Table (screws)                   £3.00

Fuel /Parking (Est.)         £26.00

Parking Ticket                   £25.00

Sub Total                                                   £97.35


Show Total                                               £357.30




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