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This is just a marker to say all posts dated after this one are from Year 3, below is the full brief on business planning to be delivered by final hand in date of 5 pm 26th May 2017.

*** Update 16/05/17 ***  Hand in has been extended to 10am Wed 31st May due to unfortunate absence of a key tutor. Due to a significant family celebration over 30th May – 1st June the revised schedule doesn’t really work for me but can’t be helped. I have negotiated physical dossier hand in for original date of 26th and remote submission of Blog dossier by email over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Y3 Professonal Contexts Brief

Date 28th Feb – 26th May
Module MD-PD6002-20SH-A-YRProfessional Contexts 3 2016-17
Project Dossier / Website / Business Plan / CV & Artist Statement
Tutors Morag MacDonald

Welcome to Professional Contexts 3.

In year one we focused on the industry. Sustainability in the digital age is a big concern in today’s climate. Last year looked at how you are at the center of your practice to foster an understanding of how to sustain a business and survive in a competitive marketplace.  This year the focus will be on getting your ready for your future. This is the module where you will learn to focus on your needs as a practitioner or artist, how you will be found, how ready you are to face the world.

As with year one and two you will be compiling a web-based dossier showcasing your professional engagement.  This will include exhibitions you have visited, visiting lecturer’s talks and any professional work or work experience that you are engaged in. In addition to this there will be a professional portfolio to be handed in, this will consist of your professional website, showing an understanding of design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), an artist statement, CV and a business plan outlining that you have a grasp of financial forecasting. We will be working as a group to design business cards and cards to showcase your work at the end of year degree show.

Timetabled sessions with Morag MacDonald:

I have just 9 sessions with you and much ground to cover. These will run on a Tuesday or a Wednesday with a concentration towards the end of the module to troubleshoot and get your websites really ready for the professional world.

28th Feb Tuesday

10-12  Groups A & B together – briefing, recap on year 2 –

1-4pm  Groups A & B together – Discussion on professionalism and ones place within the industry

14th March Tuesday  Websites – Good design principals.

9.30-12.30 Group A.

1.30 – 4.30 Group B.

22nd March Wednesday  CV, Artists Statement & Business Plan, promotion for show.

9.30-12.30  Group A.

1.30 – 4.30 Group B.

29th March Wednesday    .30-12.30  Group A – 1.30 – 4.30 Group B.

CV, Artists Statement and Business Plan – day 2 on this

5th April Wednesday   9.30-12.30  Group A   1.30 – 4.30 Group B.

Your place in the industry – Promotion and printed material / Business plan review

3rd May Wednesday SEO, web text and getting your message out there

9.30-12.30  Group A  & Group B together.  –

1.30 – 4.30 – All – individual support on websites.

9th May Tuesday

9.30-12.30  Group A & B together –  Intensive website               surgery / printed material

1.30 – 4.30  Group A & B together – Printed material / One to one               support.

16th May Tuesday – Groups A & B together – Finalisation for hand in – review of dossiers & websites

1.30 – 4.30  All who need – One to one support.

17th May Wed  – All students – trouble shooting etc

Hand in date: 25th May

Personal Website

You are required to construct a personal website. You must showcase your photographic work / portfolio. The website may also provide an artist statement, CV and vital contact details and information relating to your practice. Your website must showcase an understanding of design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Your functional (live) website is an assessable component of this module.

Business plan with CV and artist (or professional) statement

Build a business plan with evidence of financial forecasting for 3 years. Include a CV and an artist statement (or business statement).  This component is to be printed out and handed in with a link clearly evident to find your website (with link to dossier).


The dossier is an opportunity to extend on your online profile (website) and showcase in a digital document your professional development, experiences and working practices this year. It is also an opportunity for you to present your business plan outlining that you have a grasp of financial forecasting. Here you will impress potential clients or employers with your experience and confidence as a professional photographer. In short it is a visually engaging extension of your CV.

You must evidence your participation in the PC 3 guest lectures. Please provide written reflection and visual supporting materials for activities you have participated in.

The Dossier is to be submitted as a blog for marking and must also be active as a link from your personal website on final submission at end of term. It is recommended that you work with an online blog provider that allows you to customise your blog and is complimentary to your website.

Your dossier should be functional (live) for submission and is an assessable component of this module.

No hard copy journal (dossier) is required for submission.

Professional Contexts Checklist

The following should be evidenced within your Dossier (items in bold are compulsory)

  • Your notes and images (with critical reflection) from workshops and guest lectures provided throughout your third year of study
  • Reflective notes and evidence of professional development; ie, attendance at exhibitions, conferences, work experience, placements.
  • Your blog (or dossier) must be an active link from your personal website
  • Evidence of career prospects, job applications or further study interests
  • Evidence of any other non academic professional work carried out within your third year of study
  • Evidence of your part in your London show, publication, and / or any student shows this year.
  • Any other evidence, which you think, has contributed to your professional development



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