Individual Practice Tempus Fugit Bibliography II

As can be seen from library records I have also used the following references during the development of the Tempus Fugit project, I haven’t included them in the main bibilogtaphy because I haven’t referenced them directly in the texts.


Blakemore, J. and Mack, M. (1995). The stilled gaze. 1st ed. London: Zelda Cheatle Press.

Letinsky, L. (2010). Laura Letinsky: after All. 1st ed. Damiani.

Martineau, P. (2010). Still life in photography. 1st ed. Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Museum.

McLaren, S. and Formhals, B. (n.d.). Photographers’ sketchbooks. 1st ed.

Petry, M. (2013). Nature morte. 1st ed. London: Thames & Hudson.

Wright, A. (n.d.). Joseph Wright of Derby. 1st ed.

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