The Expectant Mother


Model  Bio:  This is a photograph of our daughter Stephanie who is expecting our first grandchild early in Feb 2015. This was part of a series of photographs that Steph and husband Graham wanted in order to record development of her “bump”. I decided to include it in this series of images to inject some mild humour into the series “Home Grown” as you could consider a baby the ultimate home grown project as it will produce a unique individual and who knows what they may go on to achieve in life.

Location : Home Studio Cricklade, 23rd of November 2014.

Equipment and settings : Canon 5D Mk III, EF 24-70 L , ISO 200 at F8.0 and 1/200th of a second.

Photography and Post Processing : Taken with studio flash lights, this dictated the basic setting of the camera to ensure a suitable flash sync speed and sharp exposure. The point of focus in the image is the wedding ring and the focus softens in front and behind this zone.

The ring was chosen as the focal point to represent “the family” and all that that means being crucial to a child. Post processing of the image included cropping to place the ring on a rule of thirds intersection and then converting to black and white. There is little detail in the hands of anyone as young as Steph so a high pass filter was applied by duplicating the layer and changing blending mode to overlay. The filter was masked out over the stomach to enhance the detail in the fingers only. The white background was also masked and then painted pure white as there was a slight unevenness in the background as taken which was distracting in close up.

Evaluation. I like this image both because of the humour in the series “Home Grown” and of course what it represents to me personally which is an exciting new phase of life. However I also recognise this might mean I am not entirely objective as to the artistic merits of this particular image.

Technically I am satisfied with the image and the high pass filter is a useful technique to provide natural looking sharpening to images.

P.S. Bump became Poppy Evelyn on 5th February 2015 weighing in at 8 Lb 1/2 Oz.

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