The Gardener

 The Gardener


March 2015 Update; After reviewing all the images I decided this image was weak and I replaced it with another of the same theme. The Gardener II is here.

Model  Bio:  This is a photograph of my wife Karen in her garden. The whole cycle of a garden is decay in autumn, hibernation in winter followed by re-birth and bloom the following spring and summer.

At this time of year, November is time to tidy the garden, removing dead and decayed plants and branches and getting ready for the winter sleep.

Location : Home Cricklade, 24th of November 2014.

Equipment and settings : Canon 5D Mk III, EF 24-70 L , ISO 200 at F4.0 and 1/80th of a second.

Photography and Post Processing : Taken in natural light, at around so the light was fading but nicely diffused, evaluative metering of the whole sensor area was used to determine starting exposure as I planned to adjust contrast as necessary in post processing, due to the fading light I bracketed the shots in 1/3 stop increments. The point of focus in the image is the back of the hand and it is intentional that the far background is out of focus.

Other elements such as the top most leaves and water drops in the same plane as the back of the hand are of course also sharply in focus. I like the inclusion of the water drops as it is a universal symbol of life and a should be interpreted as a sign that life will return to the apparently dying plants.

Post processing was straightforward being a simple conversion to black and white, with a high pass filter being applied to the hand are only and then minor adjustment of contrast and brightness.


Technically, exposure and post-processing, the image is acceptable and the high pass filter is a useful technique to provide natural looking emphasis to the desired area of the image. However I am not convinced this image is good enough to be included in the final set of images.

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