The Shoemaker


Model  Bio:  This is a photograph of Jen Burton holding a pair of the beautiful, unique shoes that she creates to order and are sold through her website and are part of a growing range of personalised female fashion accessories. Jen is also a college lecturer and is teaching the social media elements of the 2nd year of my HND course.

My thanks to Jen for agreeing to be photographed and remembering to bring the shoes in ……….. albeit at the 2nd attempt 🙂

Location : Swindon College Photo Studio 5th of December 2014.

Equipment and settings : Canon 5D Mk III, EF 24-70 L , ISO 640 at F3.5 and 1/125th of a second.

Photography and Post Processing : Taken with a daylight continuous lighting bulb this simulates natural light and with a diffuser over the large beauty dish gives soft diffused light without harsh shadows.Deliberately taken with a relatively wide aperture this to ensure that the image recedes to soft focus which is a deliberate style of all the photographs in this series.

Inspired by the coloured element of the woodturner photograph I decided to apply the same treatment of the bow on the shoe. Using Photoshop the image was first straightened and cropped, and then the layer was duplicated and de-saturated with magenta boosted to enhance contrast. A layer mask was added and using the quick selection tool selected this area of the duplicate layer was painted out to reveal the coloured layer below. Image resized and border added for presentation.


I think the image works although there a number of images from the 10 or so shot that I strongly considered for the final image – other contenders are below. I choose this image because the holding of the shoes was more natural and as part of the series I felt it was a better fit than some of the other images. I am still debating whether leaving the bow red detracts too much from the focus on hands and may yet opt for one of the completely desaturated images.

Images considered as final candidates.



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